Monthly Archives: October 2013

Our Mission

Hi All,

I want to take the time to introduce myself and my mission for STLSCUG. My name is Jason Rutherford and I started this site to bring all the System Center people in the community together for real-world problem/resolution discussions, presentations on the various topics in the System Center suite, and to better know the System Center community in and around the St. Louis area.

We are planning the first meeting in the month of November with regular meetings to follow in 2014. The user group is meant to be beneficial to the community and we’re currently accepting ideas for presentations and topics. Ideally, we’d have a healthy mix of presenters from experts in the community, Microsoft peoples, and anyone with a presentation topic they’d want to cover on System Center.

Since the site is still being setup, please e-mail any topic suggestions to at Once the site is more established, we’ll have a better way to get topics to the group.